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Musicmakers Smartwood 29 string harp. SECONDHAND SMARTWOOD – NOW SOLD.

Musicmakers Smartwood 29 string harp. SECONDHAND SMARTWOOD – NOW SOLD.


Smartwood – 29 string harp with padded bag and tuning key.  DISCONTINUED.

Sadly, Musicmakers decided to discontinue this harp and replace it with the ‘Bella’ which has 30 strings and is considerably more expensive.  Secondhand Smartwoods do pop up occasionally, so it is worth giving us a ring from time to time if you would us to notify you.  We still have our own family Smartwood which we love dearly, and would not sell for any price.  We jokingly call it the ‘Ikea’ harp, but the tone is superb, it’s so easy to carry around, and we do hope that one day Musicmakers will consider making them again.

Strings: 29 strings, nylon. Sharping levers an optional extra.
Range: 4 octaves, G2 – G6
Size: 49″ Tall, 11″ wide, weight only 14 pounds (6.4kg) !
Woods: Laminated birch neck, maple pillar, aircraft birch soundboard, tulipwood sides.

Bag:  Padded bag with zip pocket now included in price.  Tuning key.

This 4-octave floor harp is U.S. built and assembled here in our harp studio in Devon. Great for beginners and intermediate students alike, you get so much harp for your money – perfect for students, hire, group classes, road trips, festivals, etc. We carry a full range of spare strings, levers, and other accessories.

This harp is sturdy, well-built, has a superb, bright and very full sound and is very affordable. We can also fit Universal sharping levers to your harp as you progress – or you may prefer to choose an Intermediate 29 string harp already fitted with levers instead – (see other options in the ‘Harps For Sale’ category).

* An extra useful feature of this harp’s construction allows it to be easily disassembled for packing and shipping to another country – very convenient if you want to take your harp abroad for a while – it packs into a box within international postal size limits. The construction also means that both the neck and the pillar are easily replaceable, both being bolted on rather than glued. The harp is completely stable and holds its tuning very well – at least as good as its glued counterpart !  It also comes with a 3 year U.K. warranty.

Height: 49Weight: 14lb Tuned from ‘G2’ up to ‘ G6’.



Also available for hire @ £25 per month *
* Deposit of £350.00 required
* Minimum rental period 6 months, payable in advance.
Please email if you need more information


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