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ॐ 12” tongue drum – DISCONTINUED

ॐ 12” tongue drum – DISCONTINUED


STOP PRESS – Our tongue drum maker finally closed down his forge and retired. He made ust about the best steel tongue drums in the business, and we miss him greatly, but wish him all the best. I don’t suppose we will ever find anyone in the future as good as he was, but if we ever do …

This wonderful drum is completely handmade and hand-finished in a Devon forge / workshop not far from Totnes.  The quality of sound and sustain on each note is superb – we believe far superior to imported drums … and less expensive.

Hand-made in Devon.  Pressed steel – Accurately tuned – within 0.5 cents.  Available in different tunings:-


  • A minor scale – Aum design                       £195
  • Custom tunings normally available from 3 – 5 weeks    £195