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hang drum

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  • Hybrid handpan / tongue drum 15″ diameter

    !!! FREE adjustable height wooden stand (19″ – 23″ DHC-Std-S) RRP £25.00  … WHILE STOCKS LAST !!!

    This amazing drum produces a tone way beyond its size (16.5″ including rope trim) – it sounds more like a full-size handpan than a steel tongue drum.  Available in 2 finishes – black (see photo) or silver.

    Made in copper-steel, it is accurately tuned – within 0.5 cents.  Tuning is D Kurd minor (D, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A)

    It comes complete with a high quality padded bag with adjustable shoulder strap, a pair of beaters, fingertaps, and a small songbook.

    By far our favourite drum out of all the drums in the shop !

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