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40 O'Carolan Tunes for All Harps.   Sylvia Woods    £14.99

40 O'Carolan Tunes for All Harps.   Sylvia Woods  

40 O'Carolan Tunes for All Harps.  Sylvia Woods  £14.99

A perfect book for all lovers of O'Carolan harp music.  Sylvia Woods gievs 2 versions of each tune - one (A) for beginners, and another (B) for more experienced players.

112 pages

Spiral bound.


Baptist Johnson     
Blind Mary     
Bridget Cruise     
Bumper Squire Jones     
Captain Sudley     
Carolan's Cap     
Carolan's Concerto     
Carolan's Dowry     
Carolan's Draught     
Carolan's Fancy     
Carolan's Farewell To Music     
Carolan's Quarrel With The Landlady     
Carolan's Reciept     
Carolan's Welcome     
Charles O' Conor     
Dr. John Stafford     
Eleanor Plunkett     
Fanny Power     
George Brabazon     
Hugh O' Donnell     
John Drury     
John O' Connor     
Kean O' Hara     
Lady Athenry     
Lady Gethin     
Lord Galway's Lamentation     
Lord Inchiquin     
Maurice O'Conor     
Morgan Magan     
Mrs. Maxwell     
Mrs. Power     
O' Flinn     
Planxty Burke     
Planxty Crilly     
Planxty Drew     
Planxty Safaigh     
Planxty Sweeny     
Sheebeg And Sheemore     
Sir Charles Coote     
The Clergy's Lamentation     
The O'Rorke's Feast     
Thomas Morres Jones     

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