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Devon Harp Centre
90 High Street,
Totnes, Devon,

01803 865271


Renovations and repairs

We restring harps. 

We restore harps. 

We repair harps.  

We retrofit levers to older harps.  Universal, Loveland or Peter Brough.

We can sort out your annoying lever 'buzzes', and regulate your levers so they function accurately.

Some of the quicker jobs we can do while you wait, or go for a coffee.  We can sometimes fit levers same day (not Saturdays or Wednesdays) - make an appointment to drop it off in the morning, and pick it up again later in the day.  But do make an appointment first.

ps:  we also repair and restring :-

old zithers





hammered dulcimers

- virtually anything in the entire harp family

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