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Reverie Harp

reverie healing harp

Reverie Harp.    £699.00 complete with paddded bag and 1 hour tutorial D.V.D.    IN STOCK

Now available in stock - the new Reverie 2 deluxe - also £699.

Never before has there been an instrument that so easily lends itself to such a wide variety of therapeutic situations.

Designed and invented by Musicmakers in Stillwater, MN in collaboration with Australian music thanatologist Peter Roberts, the Reverie Harp is fast becoming a must-have tool for music therapists, visitation ministers/chaplains, activity directors, and nursing homes care-givers.

Music therapy that patients can participate in.  Just in from Musicmakers of Stillwater, MN, this wonderful instrument is smooth and comfortable to hold, and it weighs only about 4 lbs (1.8kg).  Best of all, it produces heavenly sounds no matter how you play it.

What makes the Reverie Harp so therapeutic?  The strings are tuned to a pentatonic (5-note) scale in which all notes harmonise.  That means instant success, even for non-musicians.  You can literally place this instrument in a person's lap and say, "Here - you play it".  As soon as they pluck or strum the strings, they hear beautiful sounds, regardless of their music talent (or lack thereof).  People light up when they hear it.  They feel empowered by playing it, and soothed by its lovely harmonies.  And that's important in healthcare where the typical patient feels anxious, lonely, bored or sometimes useless.

Why is this instrument so successful?

  • Beautiful shape is inviting - everyone wants to hold this instrument
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold for even the most frail individuals
  • Pentatonic tuning means there is simply no wrong way to play this instrument
  • Players love feeling the vibrations through the wood

Weight: 4lb Tuned : pentatonically, with many other options available.

Also sometimes available for hire @ £45.00 per week*
* Deposit of £350.00 required
* Minimum rental period 4 weeks

Please email if you need more information

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