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90High Street,
Totnes, Devon,

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Rothesay 19 string - rosewood £219.00  OUT OF STOCK

Rothesay 19 string - rosewood
Rothesay 19 string - rosewood. £219.00  OUT OF STOCK 

This 19 string mid-east made rosewood harp is unlevered and light to carry, and comes complete with nylon carry bag, tuning key and spare strings. By far the most popular harp in our shop, most harp students find this a very affordable way of buying their first harp, with the option of upgrading to something larger at a later date.
Height: 30 Weight: 9lb Tuned from ‘
F3’ (‘F’ below middle C) up to ‘C6’.

Provided the harp has been well cared for, we will normally offer a trade-in of at least 75% of the original purchase price back to any student upgrading to a larger harp later.

Also available for hire @ £7.90 per month*
* Deposit of £150.00 required
* Minimum rental period 6 months, payable in advance.

Please email if you need more information

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