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Devon Harp Centre
90 High Street,
Totnes, Devon,

01803 865271


Harp Lessons 

Totnes castle as viewed from our harp lessons studioThe Devon Harp Centre's teaching studio sits right at the foot of Totnes's 11th century castle. The studio itself is very calm and peaceful, and yet only a few steps away from the most interesting part of the old town with many cafes and small independent shops.

You don't need your own harp to start with - you can use one of the studio harps during lessons. To practice at home, you can rent a harp if you prefer - we even credit all rental payments made during the first 12 months towards the cost of the harp if you choose to buy it later.

teaching harp lessons to beginnersMisuzu teaches celtic harp to both complete beginners and intermediate students (from 5 years old).

harp lesson in totnes, devon.

She teaches celtic harp in a gentle and intuitive way, to help develop each student's individual ability. Don't worry if you can't read music - you can still have fun learning lovely tunes, and you will be encouraged to create your own pieces of music, and play to other people.

Misuzu Matsumoto providing harp lessons to students of all agesCeltic harp is such a beautiful and inspiring instrument.

Later, you might feel ready to take part in a Sunday afternoon student recital organised by Misuzu in a town centre cafe, twice a year.

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