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Devon Harp Centre

90 High Street



TQ9 5SN    (U.K.)

Tel: 01803 865271



Opening hours :-

Mon:  midday - 5.15pm

Tues   midday - 5.15pm


Thurs midday - 5.15pm

Fri    midday - 5.15pm

Sat   midday - 5.15pm


Our shop, repair workshop and teaching studio are in the same building, so if you are travelling a long distance and can't get to us during normal shop opening hours, please email or phone us, and we will happily open the shop for you outside these hours.

Shop phone no. 01803 865271       Mobile no. 07974 001 426.

email: info@devonharpcentre.co.uk

The Devon Harp Centre is located in the High Street of one of Devon's oldest market towns, Totnes. 

Totnes is a historic town full of musicians, artists, potters and craftspeople - there are plenty of funky cafes, and it is a great place to relax and enjoy a coffee after a harp lesson. 

Totnes Castle, viewed through a harp in our harp lessons studio in Devon, South west England.We rent and sell lever harps, lyre harps, healing harps and harp sheet music, and we have a calm and peaceful teaching studio where you can have just one single 'taster' session for £16, or further full 50 minute lessons for £28 each - regular or occasional - whichever suits you best.

Learning to play the harp is not difficult - reading music is not always necessary. It does not have to be expensive either. The harp is one of the most beautiful instruments - its healing sounds are recognised by music therapists all over the world, and learning to play harp is a very enjoyable and satisfying journey. At the Devon Harp Centre, we play and love harps, and will do our best to show you what a magical experience learning to play the harp can be.

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